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Karting Trophy View full size

Karting Trophy

Welcoming participants
Loan equipment - briefing
10 minutes of laps timed,
10 laps of race
Podium and awards,
(7 to 30 participant)

Circuit du Laquais

Calendrier du Circuit
Stage de pilotage échangeable
Pack ZEN
Chèque cadeau valable 1an
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Step 2 : customize your experience
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Tour(s) en passager d’un pilote à haute vitesse
Tour(s) en passager d’un pilote à haute vitesse
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49 €

Prix TTC (TVA 20% incluse)

Nos tarifs s'entendent location véhicule incluse pour les stages

Bon cadeau valable 1 an

Conditions Karting
  • Age minimum 14 ans
  • Taille minimale 1,40m


Karting track 900m
Digital scoreboard timing
From 14 / karting 270 cm3 / adjustable seats / maximum speed: 70km / h
Safety equipment provided
A beneficiary with multiple rounds may assign one or more round(s) to one or more accompanying (s)

How to buy?
You place your order
We publish and send a gift voucher or a gift personalized karting for the beneficiary
You contact us to make an appointment

Additional Information
gift voucher or gift karting valid for one year from the date of purchase
gift voucher or gift karting sent in an elegant gift bag or by e-mail
Sending in 24h